Sommer Has Come: Time to Visit Freiburg Swimming Pools

Although it’s only April, it is already obvious that the summer has taken control. And for those of you who like spending your free time actively that automatically means that we can fully enjoy various activities that summer can offer. One of those that is available in Freiburg is going to a swimming pool. So if you are into active sports, swimming is definitely one of your favorite hobbies. Don’t know where you can go swimming in Freiburg? No worries, you are on the right page now, just go on reading.

Semesterticket: everything you needed to know about it

I know that almost every student in Freiburg would rather use a bike than any other kind of transport and I was planning to become one of those cycling lovers… But apparently I changed my mind. As you all know, public transport in Germany is quite expensive and Freiburg is not an exception to this rule. But if you are a student, that automatically means that you can get a discount almost everywhere. This applies to commuting fees as well. So if you are not bike-friendly but do want to save up on travelling costs, you definitely need to get a Semesterticket! Weiterlesen

Enjoy the Spring in Freiburg’s Parks!

I am pretty sure that even those who are still under the burden of writing their term papers find it impossible not to enjoy the weather that this spring is granting us! While it is still snowing back in Ukraine, spring is already in the full swing here, in Freiburg! As I’m (finally!) done with all the writing I was supposed to get done, I can enjoy these amazing spring days without a pang of consciousness. And since Freiburg is recognized for being a green city, there are plenty of wonderful parks where you can adore the beautiful Freiburg spring. Weiterlesen

Authentic German Pretzels Made in Ukraine

Some time ago I wrote about the things which are typically German (love it or hate it but that’s how it is) and one of those was German bakery. Yes, I do try (and quite successfully) to eat clean but if baker’s shops are just everywhere, it is kinda next to impossible to resist these tempting delicious smells out from there. So whenever I crave for something tasty and not really healthy, these pretty baker’s shops satisfy my desires. Weiterlesen

International Students: What You Need to Do before You Leave Germany

The end of the semester is just around the corner (well, for some of us it is over already) and now it’s definitely time to think what to do over the long-long spring break. But for some of us the end of the semester signals that it’s time to leave beautiful Freiburg and head home. That refers to some international students, such as ERAMSUS participants (even though I’m international, too, I’m definitely staying here for another couple of semesters, hopefully). But before leaving for your motherland, make sure to have a gorgeous farewell party but also don’t forget to take care of some bureaucratic issues. Weiterlesen

Valentine’s Day: Make It Memorable!

The most romantic day of the year is approaching and even thought it has become so commercialized and cheesy, finding unique ways to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day makes it better. Restaurants, flowers and sweets are always nice but we may be sick and tired of them already. Don’t just go to a dinner and a movie, explore other options in your town and find something to do that is more unexpected. And by the way, the more creative, the less of a crowd you’ll have to worry about!

Apartment Hunting: Beware of Scammers!

If you’re looking for an apartment, the last thing you want is, obviously, to fall victim to a rental scam.

Scam artists may take advantage of people who, because of exhausting and painful apartment search, may have become too emotional and vulnerable and are eager to give their money without much questioning. Feeling excited and enthusiastic about finding a new home can make you more trusting. Or, for instance, if you are running out of time searching for a new place to dwell, you are also a potential prey of apartment scammers.

Since I’ve been looking for an apartment for a while, I came across several instances of scams. Fortunately, I was smart enough not to send my money or give my bank account details to somebody I don’t know. In order to avoid being tricked and losing money, we must be aware of typical scam schemes. Weiterlesen