Arsenic and Old Lace: make sure not to miss!

If you are a theater fan, you don’t want to miss this! Arsenic and Old Lace is a performance by maniACTs, the English Department drama group.

Dramatic critic Mortimer Brewster is shocked to discover that his lovely spinster aunts have been running a bizarre charity from their Brooklyn home: Together they take in single old gentlemen and offer them a lasting refuge from themisery of a lonely life -by poisoning them. As Mortimer tries to cover up the whole affair, neither of his brothers prove helpful: One is convinced he’s President Roosevelt, the other shows up with a corpse in the car and more murder on his mind. Hilarity ensues!

The opening night is around the corner! Be sure to make some time to go and see the performance!

The play will be performed on the following dates:

February, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 at 19:30 in Theatersaal in Alte Uni.

You can get the tickets at Walthari book store or directly in the English Department at the university. One more way to purchase the tickets is to write an e-mail to the following address:

The admission is 8 euros (reduced price is 5 euros).

P.S. Here’s an exclusive glimpse at what expects you. And no, these women are not as harmless as they might appear!

How to Pay Less for Textbooks

Textbooks in university sometimes can be super-expensive and not many people take these sky-high prices into account when creating a student budget. I know some people who spend around 300 euros for textbooks each semester! It is just crazy how fast the costs can add up! Seeing how much some students have to pay for the books, you are likely to search for some alternatives to paying full prices for the textbooks. I came up with some suggestions on how to save a bunch of money and at the same time learn just as much. Weiterlesen

Accommodation-hunting: What? Where? How much?

I’m always amazed by how fast time goes. My first semester in Freiburg is almost over and of course this means that exams are around the corner. But that’s not the only issue that’s pending. In my case, the end of the semester also signals that it is high time I started looking for a place to live or I will end up being shelterless. I’ve been lucky enough to get a room in Vauban dormitory for this semester but unfortunately I can’t stay here longer. And since Freiburg is a student city, housing is definitely an issue here so it can take months to find an ideal place to dwell. So what housing options are there for students? How to make house-hunting experience exciting and not frustrating? Read more to find out! Weiterlesen

The perks of being a student in Germany

Admit it, being a student is always great. Lots of parties and fun, making new friends, tons of new experiences and a lot of opportunities, and this is just a couple of benefits of university life. But being a student in Germany can be even more wonderful as the list of the advantages goes far beyond. Apart from above mentioned perks there are some more which will make your student life truly unforgettable. Weiterlesen

How to pass all exams with flying colours!

Although we just got from the break and are still in the holiday mood, the end of the semester is already around the corner. And that means that tests and exams are coming. Love them or hate them, it’s not possible to get rid of them. The examination process can never be stress-free: all the preparation before the big day, then waiting for the results, which feels even more stressful as the exam itself. So even though you’ll never feel really relieved during this hectic exam time, there are some tips which can help you reduce stress and anxiety. Weiterlesen

UniCross: Students‘ Online Magazine

Are you interested in journalism? Has it always been your dream to conduct interviews and write articles? So if you don’t know where to develop your journalist skills, here’s an option: UNICROSS. This is a portal for campus media by University of Freiburg students. Being guided by experienced journalists, students learn how to write and how to speak and also master all other skills which are important for being a great journalist.

Brownie time!

Whenever somebody asks me what my favourite dessert is, I answer without a second of hesitation that I’m head over heels in love with brownies. They are dense, full of chocolate, and endlessly customizable depending on your favourite flavour. Chocolate brownies, caramel brownies, peanut butter brownies, Oreo brownies… Choose whatever ingredient you like and I guarantee a brownie can be made with it. In my case it is really difficult to choose a number-one ingredient, so I prefer a mixture. So if you are a sweet-teeth, you should definitely try out the recipe that I’m gonna share with you. Weiterlesen