Warms You Up, Keeps Your Meals Colourful: Pumpkin Soup

Soups are a staple food for cold weather; not only they can be consumed for every meal but also, they are a great source of vitamins and a shield against sickness especially when they are made with seasonal produce. One of the stars of this season is pumpkin. They are the harbinger of autumn and available from September to January. You can see pumpkin goodies in bakeries and various kinds of them are on supermarket shelves. Weiterlesen

Studienreise nach China (1)

Auch in den Sommerferien bleibt das SWFR aktiv und mobil!

Seit sieben Jahren pflegen wir eine Austauschpartnerschaft mit der Nankai University (NKU) (nán kāi dà xué 南开大学) in Tianjin, VR China. Im August besuchen ca. 30 chinesischen Studierenden aus der NKU Freiburg, um die Kultur und den Studierendenalltag in Deutschland bzw. in Freiburg zu erleben. Auch dieses Jahr waren 30 chinesische Studierende im August in Freiburg. Habt ihr sie entdeckt?


Witness the University’s Past at the Uniseum

Freiburg owes much to its University. After all, the city is associated with it and its students contribute a great deal to dynamic, colourful and lively city life as well as its economy. Whether you study at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität or you plan to do so in near future (or even if you are a tourist in the city) you should pay a visit to the University Museum – Uniseum, to find out more about this prestigious university’s history. Weiterlesen

STUDIWERK AM HERD: One Pan Sommergemüse mit Feta und Oliven

Bei sommerlich heißen Temperaturen möchte man sich manchmal am liebsten nur von Eis und frischem Obst ernähren, aber es sind auch einige leckere Gemüsesorten in Saison! Zucchini, Tomate, Paprika und rote Zwiebel kommen in diesem schnellen und einfachen Rezept voll zur Geltung. Außerdem muss man weder lange am Herd stehen noch viel Geschirrspülen – wenn das kein überzeugendes Argument  ist?  Weiterlesen

Easy Bike Rental System by VAG: Frelo

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of carsharing websites and apps. The new and more environmentally friendly option that is becoming more and more common is bike rental service apps. Considering that Freiburg is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities, it is no surprise that VAG is about to bring its own bike rental service Frelo into action starting from 17th of May. Read this post to learn more about Frelo! Weiterlesen