Ein Arbeitsplatz für Querdenker: Der Kreativpark in der Lokhalle ist offiziell eröffnet.

Am Freitag, den 22. Juni 2018, feierte der Kreativpark in der Lokhalle seine offizielle Eröffnung. Rund 600 Gäste wurden erwartet, darunter Initiatoren, Sponsoren, eingemietete Jungunternehmer sowie Freunde, Familienmitglieder und Interessierte, um den Kreativpark gemeinsam einzuweihen. Auch der scheidende Bürgermeister Dieter Salomon war vor Ort und begutachtete das Ergebnis.



Wie funktioniert eigentlich… eine Steuererklärung?

Wenn man die unbeliebtesten regelmäßigen Aufgaben eines jeden Erwachsenen erfragen würde, käme der Begriff “Steuererklärung” bestimmt unter die ersten fünf Plätze. Unter Studierenden ist dieses Grauen vor der Steuererklärung meistens noch nicht so vertreten – vielleicht, weil sich die wenigsten mit dem Thema auskennen. Auch wenn es vielleicht erst mal trocken und langweilig klingt, kann es dennoch lohnenswert sein, sich schon vor dem Berufsstart mit dem Thema zu beschäftigen und vielleicht sogar selbst eine Steuererklärung zu machen. In diesem Artikel erfahrt ihr einige grundlegende Informationen, die Studierende und Steuern betreffen. Weiterlesen


If you were out at the streets of Freiburg centrum last Saturday (12.05.2018) to make the best of beautiful sunny weather, you must have seen all the Freiburg football club fans flooding to the Dreisam Stadium and then later partying all night. As someone who has nothing to do with football, I have researched the history and significance of the team for Freiburg. If you are also curious about the team’s history, philosophy, achievements, and importance for the community go ahead and read this post! Weiterlesen

Great German Songs to Enrich Your Vocabulary (While Having Fun)

Remember our post about learning German while watching famous and great German movies? It turns out a lot of people found the idea of combining study and leisure quite useful and motivating while learning German. So, here is another post on German pop culture, which will not only introduce you to the German pop music world but also will help you become the next karaoke queen or king. Weiterlesen

Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Contemporary Art

“Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?” is a popular German saying to mock something that is exactly the opposite of what is traditionally considered to be “art”. But someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure: What looks like a painting done by a first-grader to some might cost millions of dollars and be exhibited at museums all over the globe. Contemporary art is in a tough position – many people make fun of it without ever bothering to take a closer look at what this umbrella term refers to. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t ditch it altogether and might want to consider visiting an exhibition this semester break: Weiterlesen

Why Should You Start Doing Yoga?

The first semester is already behind us and the exams are over. But everyone knows that being a university student is a tough work. On the one hand, there are presentations, exams, and usual uni workload; on the other, there we are, trying to maintain a social life, work at a part-time job and taking care of ourselves. It might be hard to find a sense of balance among these pressing responsibilities. However, yoga is one way that can help you manage the stress that results from having a lot of obligations. So why exactly is yoga good for students? Weiterlesen

Is it Santa? Is it Father Christmas? No, It is Saint Nikolaus!

It is the season of the abundance for old, white-bearded men dressed in red outfits. But who is who? It is a bit confusing if you are unfamiliar with these traditions. On every 6th of December in Germany, children (they are the ones who receive gifts) celebrate the Nikolaus Day. So, Nikolaus arrives before Father Christmas. If you have ever wondered who is St. Nikolaus and what some traditions are related to this day, wonder no more! Weiterlesen

The (Long) Night of Freiburg University

Going to university – sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. Last Thursday pupils, students and anyone else who’s interested had the option to experience an unusual event – the (Long) Night of Freiburg University. From 7pm to 6am eleven lectures, five science slams and two bands entertained more people than one could possibly imagine inside the Audimax. We collected some impressions in case you missed the annual event.