Why Should You Start Doing Yoga?

The first semester is already behind us and the exams are over. But everyone knows that being a university student is a tough work. On the one hand, there are presentations, exams, and usual uni workload; on the other, there we are, trying to maintain a social life, work at a part-time job and taking care of ourselves. It might be hard to find a sense of balance among these pressing responsibilities. However, yoga is one way that can help you manage the stress that results from having a lot of obligations. So why exactly is yoga good for students? Weiterlesen


Mundenhof Animal and Nature Park

You have visited same pubs over and over again, walked along Dreisam and been to hiking quite often. Well, maybe it is time to do something different in your next free time –whether on your own or with friends, you should definitely visit Mundenhof Animal and Nature Park. I bet you didn’t even know that the biggest animal park in Baden-Württemberg is so close to you (I did not)! Weiterlesen

Is it Santa? Is it Father Christmas? No, It is Saint Nikolaus!

It is the season of the abundance for old, white-bearded men dressed in red outfits. But who is who? It is a bit confusing if you are unfamiliar with these traditions. On every 6th of December in Germany, children (they are the ones who receive gifts) celebrate the Nikolaus Day. So, Nikolaus arrives before Father Christmas. If you have ever wondered who is St. Nikolaus and what some traditions are related to this day, wonder no more! Weiterlesen

The (Long) Night of Freiburg University

Going to university – sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. Last Thursday pupils, students and anyone else who’s interested had the option to experience an unusual event – the (Long) Night of Freiburg University. From 7pm to 6am eleven lectures, five science slams and two bands entertained more people than one could possibly imagine inside the Audimax. We collected some impressions in case you missed the annual event.


The Fifth Season of Germany? Yes, There is One.

You may think you know about the seasons – there are four of them, right? But here in Germany it is five! Call it Karneval, Fasching or Fastnacht; yet it is upon us. It is officially carnival season. The starting date is 11th of 11th month 11:11 am on St Martin’s day and it has been that way since 19th century. However there are sources that say this has been happening since the year 354 influenced by some Pagan festivities. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong – 354! So what happens in this season and what is it about? Weiterlesen

Stimmen aus dem Stadion: Eindrücke vom Erstsemestertag

Am Freitag, den 13.10.2017 fand im Schwarzwald-Stadion Freiburg der alljährliche Erstsemestertag statt. Neben der Begrüßungsrede von Rektor Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer und einigen anderen Bühnenpräsentationen gab es viele ander Dinge aufzunehmen und zu entdecken. So präsentierten sich auf dem Markt der Möglichkeiten eine Vielzahl von Studierendengruppen und andere zentrale Einrichtungen. Erstis und alle anderen Interessierten hatten dort die Gelegenheit, sich über deren Angebote zu informieren.

Auch wir waren vor Ort und haben die Besucher und Besucherinnen gefragt, wie sie den Erstsemestertag erlebt haben:


Schauinsland: A Must See Before the Summer Ends

Even though Freiburg shows a different beauty of itself every season, there are still more places to see before the summer ends. Today the one I will mention is the amazing Schauinsland. First of all it is hard to believe such a place exists so close to the city. It is always cooler up there when it is too hot to go around in the city so you can go there for some mountain breeze and great panoramic scenery. Weiterlesen