10 German Movies You Need to Watch to Improve Your German

You are learning German and you like to watch movies. Why not combine them? Learn German while watching movies! Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Here is a list of 10 great German movies you can begin your listening practice with as well as some tips on improving your German via movies. Weiterlesen


Mundenhof Animal and Nature Park

You have visited same pubs over and over again, walked along Dreisam and been to hiking quite often. Well, maybe it is time to do something different in your next free time –whether on your own or with friends, you should definitely visit Mundenhof Animal and Nature Park. I bet you didn’t even know that the biggest animal park in Baden-Württemberg is so close to you (I did not)! Weiterlesen

Café Europa – Das neue Stück des Mondo Musiktheater

Sollte Europa seine Grenzen öffnen? Wie muss der Brexit bewertet werden? Geht es uns zu gut in Europa? Und wer ist Hatch? Das neue Stück des Mondo Musiktheater widmet sich dem Thema Europa und greift dabei auf allerlei Kleinkunstformen zurück: Poetry Slam, Singer Songwriting, Minimal, Tanzeinlagen und vieles mehr. Die Premiere findet am 12. Januar statt. Insgesamt führt die Gruppe das Musical acht mal in der MensaBar auf. Weiterlesen

Christmas Break is Over, Another Year has Arrived: Now What?

Since we, the students, are not strangers to post-holiday blues we had already given tips on going back to school and saying goodbye to summer at the beginning of the winter semester. Here is another article on post-Christmas break blues combined with winter blues…What to do and how to deal with them? Especially because it is time to jump back to your study routine, with almost one and half month remaining to final exams. Weiterlesen

Three international Christmas traditions that may seem strange to foreigners

Christmas is a time of traditions – each family, village, region and country has their own and many people have surprisingly strong options on how things should be done. Whether it’s about where and with whom to spend the holidays, about the decorations or the food – once established it seems almost sacrilegious to break with certain Christmas traditions. To outsiders this behaviour can be amusing or even absurd but what kind of traditions are we even talking about? Here’s three international Christmas traditions that might seem a little odd to people from other countries. Weiterlesen

Wenn an Weihnachten Welten aufeinanderprallen

Auch wenn man an Weihnachten alte Freunde und Familie wiedersieht, so bleiben nicht alle Begegnungen in guter Erinnerung. Manchmal, wenn sich die Familie zusammenfindet, treffen die unterschiedlichsten Charaktere und Meinungen aufeinander. Da kann es auch mal sein, dass jemand dabei ist, der sich menschenfeindlich und/oder rassistisch äußert. Hier gibt’s ein paar Tipps, wie man am besten mit solchen Situationen umgehen kann. Weiterlesen