Easy Bike Rental System by VAG: Frelo

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of carsharing websites and apps. The new and more environmentally friendly option that is becoming more and more common is bike rental service apps. Considering that Freiburg is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities, it is no surprise that VAG is about to bring its own bike rental service Frelo into action starting from 17th of May. Read this post to learn more about Frelo! Weiterlesen

4 Outdoor Things You Can Do to Welcome Spring in Freiburg

After Fasnet, during which we chased away the spirits of winter, it is time to celebrate the arrival of spring. Freiburg and its surroundings are without a doubt beautiful in all seasons, but spring is perhaps the prettiest; it is when nature starts to awaken, and days get longer as well as brighter. To get in the spring mood means spending more time outdoors, thus in this post, I present you five activity suggestions to welcome spring and get moving. Weiterlesen


(Freiburg and bikes go well together, don’t you think? :))

I have seen that true Freiburgers ride their bikes in almost every weather condition (No, I am not jealous you are jealous!) but if you are like me – feeling less confident among all those smooth and fast riders and mustering your courage to finally get a bike for Spring semester (because let’s admit it is the best way to enjoy the beautiful Freiburg and upcoming spring) here is your chance! Weiterlesen