5 Lesetipps zum Weltfrauentag

Die Semesterferien sind nicht für Hausarbeiten, Elternbesuche und Pflichtpraktika da – sie sind auch die ideale Zeit, um eingeschlafene Hobbys wiederzubeleben. Besonders in einem geisteswissenschaftlichen Studiengang kann einem bei all der Pflichtlektüre während des Semesters schon mal die Lust am Lesen vergehen. Dabei gibt es spannende Alternativen zu staubigen Leselisten: pünktlich zum Weltfrauentag stellen wir fünf Schriftstellerinnen vor, die die internationale Literaturszene aufmischen und eine Abwechslung von den häufig alten, weißen und männlichen Autoren gängiger Literaturkanons bieten.


Tips and Reminders for Exam Preparation

It feels like yesterday since I wrote a post on “tips for going back to Uni with motivation” a couple of months ago at the beginning of the semester! Now, it is time to be tested for a semester worth of knowledge. I know everybody has already been studying –I know because it is impossible to find a seat in the UB before 7 p.m. Still, here are some final reminders and tips on what to do and what NOT to do when preparing for exams. Weiterlesen

Three international Christmas traditions that may seem strange to foreigners

Christmas is a time of traditions – each family, village, region and country has their own and many people have surprisingly strong options on how things should be done. Whether it’s about where and with whom to spend the holidays, about the decorations or the food – once established it seems almost sacrilegious to break with certain Christmas traditions. To outsiders this behaviour can be amusing or even absurd but what kind of traditions are we even talking about? Here’s three international Christmas traditions that might seem a little odd to people from other countries. Weiterlesen

10 Books That are Set in Black Forest Region

If you can’t get enough of the nature’s beauty around here from your hikes, camping trips or casual walks how about READING books that are set around Freiburg and generally Black Forest?! As a literature student this sounds more than intriguing to me so I made a list for you! Read to your heart’s content, recommend it to your friends who are curious about what kind of place you live around.

Since Black Forest itself is a sublimely beautiful place that is subject to many legends and mysteries expect lots of Gothic fiction, Thriller and Adventure books in this list! If you have any recommendations please don’t forget to leave them on comments! Here we go Weiterlesen

How to Pay Less for Textbooks

Textbooks in university sometimes can be super-expensive and not many people take these sky-high prices into account when creating a student budget. I know some people who spend around 300 euros for textbooks each semester! It is just crazy how fast the costs can add up! Seeing how much some students have to pay for the books, you are likely to search for some alternatives to paying full prices for the textbooks. I came up with some suggestions on how to save a bunch of money and at the same time learn just as much. Weiterlesen