Christmas Break is Over, Another Year has Arrived: Now What?

Since we, the students, are not strangers to post-holiday blues we had already given tips on going back to school and saying goodbye to summer at the beginning of the winter semester. Here is another article on post-Christmas break blues combined with winter blues…What to do and how to deal with them? Especially because it is time to jump back to your study routine, with almost one and half month remaining to final exams. Weiterlesen

Three international Christmas traditions that may seem strange to foreigners

Christmas is a time of traditions – each family, village, region and country has their own and many people have surprisingly strong options on how things should be done. Whether it’s about where and with whom to spend the holidays, about the decorations or the food – once established it seems almost sacrilegious to break with certain Christmas traditions. To outsiders this behaviour can be amusing or even absurd but what kind of traditions are we even talking about? Here’s three international Christmas traditions that might seem a little odd to people from other countries. Weiterlesen

Merry Christmas from Ukraine!

Warmest late Christmas wishes from Ukraine! I hope that you all are having lots of fun and joy celebrating this wonderful holiday. But as I have written before, in Ukraine Christmas comes on the seventh of January, so no celebrating for me yet 🙂 Nevertheless, I’m in full swing getting ready for Christmas and today I wanted to share some of Ukrainian Christmas traditions with you. For us, Ukrainians, Christmas is one of the greatest and most important holidays and we celebrate it grandiously, merrily and solemnly, according to ancient customs that have come down through ages until today. Weiterlesen

Christmas is in the air!!!

Even though my family celebrates Christmas on the 7th of January, which is not quite soon, I must admit that I’ve been in a holiday mood for some time. And it’s not only because Christmas is celebrated earlier here and all people are getting ready for the festivity now. There are certain things which contribute to my Christmas spirit. Let me tell you what makes me feel that the holidays are just around the corner. Weiterlesen