STUDIWERK AM HERD: One Pan Sommergemüse mit Feta und Oliven

Bei sommerlich heißen Temperaturen möchte man sich manchmal am liebsten nur von Eis und frischem Obst ernähren, aber es sind auch einige leckere Gemüsesorten in Saison! Zucchini, Tomate, Paprika und rote Zwiebel kommen in diesem schnellen und einfachen Rezept voll zur Geltung. Außerdem muss man weder lange am Herd stehen noch viel Geschirrspülen – wenn das kein überzeugendes Argument  ist?  Weiterlesen

Brownie time!

Whenever somebody asks me what my favourite dessert is, I answer without a second of hesitation that I’m head over heels in love with brownies. They are dense, full of chocolate, and endlessly customizable depending on your favourite flavour. Chocolate brownies, caramel brownies, peanut butter brownies, Oreo brownies… Choose whatever ingredient you like and I guarantee a brownie can be made with it. In my case it is really difficult to choose a number-one ingredient, so I prefer a mixture. So if you are a sweet-teeth, you should definitely try out the recipe that I’m gonna share with you. Weiterlesen

If your stomach starts rambling…

it is definitely high time you fed it!!! But what if you are lazy bones or just don’t like cooking. The easiest way out is to go to a supermarket and buy something pre-cooked. But that’s not the healthiest way, however. I know that students are always busy: either studying or partying so no time for cooking then? Wrong answer. Here I’m gonna share with you a nice recipe which doesn’t consume a lot of time and at the same time it is a really healthy meal. Weiterlesen