My First Flohmarkt on the Other Side of Stall

Once I saw the announcement about the forthcoming 15. Student-Flea market on Studierendenwerk Freiburg’s Facebook page, I knew I had to be there! Because come on, who doesn’t like flea markets!? Walking around the stalls with anticipation of coming across the most interesting, unusual and sometimes nostalgic things, plus for a very affordable price! What can one ask for more? Nothing, right? Well, no. You can ask for more, just keep on reading…By the way, if you haven’t realized, I am a fan of flea markets and second hand shops. Being the new owner of a previously loved item has its own charm and satisfaction (oh so many cute dresses!) Weiterlesen


(Freiburg and bikes go well together, don’t you think? :))

I have seen that true Freiburgers ride their bikes in almost every weather condition (No, I am not jealous you are jealous!) but if you are like me – feeling less confident among all those smooth and fast riders and mustering your courage to finally get a bike for Spring semester (because let’s admit it is the best way to enjoy the beautiful Freiburg and upcoming spring) here is your chance! Weiterlesen