Zu Gast unter den Wolken

Den Traum vom Fliegen wahr werden lassen – das verspricht die Schnupperwoche Segelflug des allgemeinen Hochschulsports. In der letzten Augustwoche ergriffen 13 mutige Luftfahrt-Greenhorns am Segelfluggelände in Kirchzarten diese Chance. Ein Text von Hannah Seebauer Weiterlesen


Summer Night Open-Air Cinema is Here!

It is too hot to stay indoors, and sometimes too costly to have fun outside with a student budget. But fret no more because the open-air cinema is here for everyone to enjoy until September 1, with a wide range of movie selection. You can have a chill movie night under the stars which is a great way to enjoy long and beautiful summer nights. So, for further details keep reading the post! Weiterlesen

Vielfalt Feiern: Die besten Bilder vom Sommerfest KulTourPur

Das Studierendenwerk Freiburg steht für kulturelle Vielfalt, denn in kaum einem anderen Bereich wird Internationalität so sehr geschätzt wie in der Universität. Passend dazu hat der Internationale Club des Studierendenwerks am Donnerstag, den  28. Juli, beim großen Sommerfest im MensaGarten einen Abend zum Thema KulTourPur veranstaltet. Die besten Bilder vom Donnerstag findet ihr hier. Weiterlesen


If you were out at the streets of Freiburg centrum last Saturday (12.05.2018) to make the best of beautiful sunny weather, you must have seen all the Freiburg football club fans flooding to the Dreisam Stadium and then later partying all night. As someone who has nothing to do with football, I have researched the history and significance of the team for Freiburg. If you are also curious about the team’s history, philosophy, achievements, and importance for the community go ahead and read this post! Weiterlesen

Why Should You Start Doing Yoga?

The first semester is already behind us and the exams are over. But everyone knows that being a university student is a tough work. On the one hand, there are presentations, exams, and usual uni workload; on the other, there we are, trying to maintain a social life, work at a part-time job and taking care of ourselves. It might be hard to find a sense of balance among these pressing responsibilities. However, yoga is one way that can help you manage the stress that results from having a lot of obligations. So why exactly is yoga good for students? Weiterlesen

Café Europa – Das neue Stück des Mondo Musiktheater

Sollte Europa seine Grenzen öffnen? Wie muss der Brexit bewertet werden? Geht es uns zu gut in Europa? Und wer ist Hatch? Das neue Stück des Mondo Musiktheater widmet sich dem Thema Europa und greift dabei auf allerlei Kleinkunstformen zurück: Poetry Slam, Singer Songwriting, Minimal, Tanzeinlagen und vieles mehr. Die Premiere findet am 12. Januar statt. Insgesamt führt die Gruppe das Musical acht mal in der MensaBar auf. Weiterlesen

The Fifth Season of Germany? Yes, There is One.

You may think you know about the seasons – there are four of them, right? But here in Germany it is five! Call it Karneval, Fasching or Fastnacht; yet it is upon us. It is officially carnival season. The starting date is 11th of 11th month 11:11 am on St Martin’s day and it has been that way since 19th century. However there are sources that say this has been happening since the year 354 influenced by some Pagan festivities. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong – 354! So what happens in this season and what is it about? Weiterlesen