A Perfect Location to Welcome Spring: University’s Botanical Garden

Today it is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places around city center but looking into its history, one can see that the Botanical Garden has faced many challenges and difficulties. In this post, we’ll tell a brief history of the botanical garden and highly recommend that you go and enjoy its beauties as well as its informing guided tours which can be pre-booked. Weiterlesen

4 Outdoor Things You Can Do to Welcome Spring in Freiburg

After Fasnet, during which we chased away the spirits of winter, it is time to celebrate the arrival of spring. Freiburg and its surroundings are without a doubt beautiful in all seasons, but spring is perhaps the prettiest; it is when nature starts to awaken, and days get longer as well as brighter. To get in the spring mood means spending more time outdoors, thus in this post, I present you five activity suggestions to welcome spring and get moving. Weiterlesen

Black Forest Canyon Hiking Tour – Mit Studitours durch den ersten Schnee des Jahres!

„Verschluckt vom Schwarzwald: Sechs Studierende gehen im ersten Schnee des Jahres verloren!“ So ließe sich reißerisch über die diesjährige Black Forest Canyon Tour berichten. Ganz falsch ist die Schlagzeile nicht – den ersten Schnee und die Vermissten gab es tatsächlich -, aber sie führt in eine falsche Richtung. Wie die Wanderung mit Studitours durch die Wutachschlucht am Sonntag tatsächlich verlief, erfahrt ihr in diesem Artikel. Weiterlesen

Summer Night Open-Air Cinema is Here!

It is too hot to stay indoors, and sometimes too costly to have fun outside with a student budget. But fret no more because the open-air cinema is here for everyone to enjoy until September 1, with a wide range of movie selection. You can have a chill movie night under the stars which is a great way to enjoy long and beautiful summer nights. So, for further details keep reading the post! Weiterlesen

Vielfalt Feiern: Die besten Bilder vom Sommerfest KulTourPur

Das Studierendenwerk Freiburg steht für kulturelle Vielfalt, denn in kaum einem anderen Bereich wird Internationalität so sehr geschätzt wie in der Universität. Passend dazu hat der Internationale Club des Studierendenwerks am Donnerstag, den  28. Juli, beim großen Sommerfest im MensaGarten einen Abend zum Thema KulTourPur veranstaltet. Die besten Bilder vom Donnerstag findet ihr hier. Weiterlesen


If you were out at the streets of Freiburg centrum last Saturday (12.05.2018) to make the best of beautiful sunny weather, you must have seen all the Freiburg football club fans flooding to the Dreisam Stadium and then later partying all night. As someone who has nothing to do with football, I have researched the history and significance of the team for Freiburg. If you are also curious about the team’s history, philosophy, achievements, and importance for the community go ahead and read this post! Weiterlesen