Fotoreportage: Kleinkunstpreis 2017

Was war los beim Freiburger Kleinkunstpreis für Studierende 2017? Das erfahrt ihr in dieser Fotoreportage mit eindrucksvollen Bildern von den Aufführungen der fünf Künstler, die am Sonntag im Vorderhaus die Bühne gerockt haben. Weiterlesen


Stimmen aus dem Stadion: Eindrücke vom Erstsemestertag

Am Freitag, den 13.10.2017 fand im Schwarzwald-Stadion Freiburg der alljährliche Erstsemestertag statt. Neben der Begrüßungsrede von Rektor Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer und einigen anderen Bühnenpräsentationen gab es viele ander Dinge aufzunehmen und zu entdecken. So präsentierten sich auf dem Markt der Möglichkeiten eine Vielzahl von Studierendengruppen und andere zentrale Einrichtungen. Erstis und alle anderen Interessierten hatten dort die Gelegenheit, sich über deren Angebote zu informieren.

Auch wir waren vor Ort und haben die Besucher und Besucherinnen gefragt, wie sie den Erstsemestertag erlebt haben:


What Is Culture Shock? How Can You Deal with It?

As the new semester begins, many international students are arriving in Freiburg. Although it is a beautiful place that welcomes students from all around the world sometimes it may feel strange to be away from home –both physically and mentally.

This post will explain what culture shock is and will give tips about how to deal with it. First of all we should remember that culture shock is not an “diagnose”; it does not mean we can’t fit into a place. On contrary, it is a normal and common process; as an international student myself I can relate to this as well.


Back to School Guide: How to Say “Goodbye” to Summer and Get Back to School (with Motivation)

Although it is still warm, the days have started to get shorter. The sun sets remarkably earlier which means it is almost time to shake off the holiday mood and welcome a new semester. But how can we do it without feeling depressed or lacking motivation? Here are some tips and suggestions to start off your semester with vivacity. Weiterlesen

(Food-)Sharing is Caring: Über LebensmittelretterInnen in Freiburg

Wer in Freiburg lebt, hat vielleicht schon mal von der Initiative Foodsharing, von Foodsavern oder ähnlichem gehört. Möglicherweise ist der einen oder anderen Person auch schon mal ein sogenannter Fair-Teiler in den Freiburger Stadtteilen aufgefallen.

Aber was ist das eigentlich alles? Für was steht Foodsharing und wer beteiligt sich in dieser Initiative? Um zu erfahren, was sich hinter Foodsharing verbirgt, haben wir uns mit dem Foodsharing-Mitglied und Physikstudenten Dominik, 22 Jahre, unterhalten.


10 Books That are Set in Black Forest Region

If you can’t get enough of the nature’s beauty around here from your hikes, camping trips or casual walks how about READING books that are set around Freiburg and generally Black Forest?! As a literature student this sounds more than intriguing to me so I made a list for you! Read to your heart’s content, recommend it to your friends who are curious about what kind of place you live around.

Since Black Forest itself is a sublimely beautiful place that is subject to many legends and mysteries expect lots of Gothic fiction, Thriller and Adventure books in this list! If you have any recommendations please don’t forget to leave them on comments! Here we go Weiterlesen

March for Science – Freiburg

It is 2017 yet we are discussing whether subjective opinions or vague claims can be replaceable with scientifically proven facts. But here we are, faced with a fairly new term: alternative facts. The term has entered our lives in January 2017 with the inauguration of Donald Trump and at the beginning it referred to the „exaggerated“ and false claim of numbers regarding the people who attended the inauguration ceremony. However, within a short span of time the term has spread and caused big discussions. Weiterlesen

The Japanese Garden at the Seepark

While Seepark itself is a delightful place in all seasons whether for a walk or a picnic, did you know that there is a Japanese Garden inside the Seepark? If you did not, well now you do! I have been there a couple of times in autumn and winter but since the weather has been so warm and pleasant I thought it was time to see the Japanese Garden in spring – hopefully all green and in full bloom. Weiterlesen