100 Years of Female Suffrage in Germany

12 November 2018 marks the 100th year of women’s right to vote in Germany. During the late 18th and early 19th century women’s struggle to be recognized as equals has resulted in many protests, rallies, meetings as well as magazines and manifestos to be published. Thus, women in Germany were first able to vote during the transition period from imperial rule to the Weimar Republic in 1919. If you want to know more about how this came to be and who were the ones that paved the way for the women’s right to vote in Germany read our post! Weiterlesen

Summer Night Open-Air Cinema is Here!

It is too hot to stay indoors, and sometimes too costly to have fun outside with a student budget. But fret no more because the open-air cinema is here for everyone to enjoy until September 1, with a wide range of movie selection. You can have a chill movie night under the stars which is a great way to enjoy long and beautiful summer nights. So, for further details keep reading the post! Weiterlesen


If you were out at the streets of Freiburg centrum last Saturday (12.05.2018) to make the best of beautiful sunny weather, you must have seen all the Freiburg football club fans flooding to the Dreisam Stadium and then later partying all night. As someone who has nothing to do with football, I have researched the history and significance of the team for Freiburg. If you are also curious about the team’s history, philosophy, achievements, and importance for the community go ahead and read this post! Weiterlesen

Important Things to Know If You Are A Working Student in Germany

Many of us work in part-time jobs to support ourselves or to gain work and life experience. But there are important rules to remember whether you are EU citizen or non-EU citizen while you are working as a student. You might know these if you are already working but they are still important to remember and for those who are considering to get a part-time job, this post is a must-read before you jump into the world of part-time jobs! Weiterlesen

Authentic German Pretzels Made in Ukraine

Some time ago I wrote about the things which are typically German (love it or hate it but that’s how it is) and one of those was German bakery. Yes, I do try (and quite successfully) to eat clean but if baker’s shops are just everywhere, it is kinda next to impossible to resist these tempting delicious smells out from there. So whenever I crave for something tasty and not really healthy, these pretty baker’s shops satisfy my desires. Weiterlesen

The perks of being a student in Germany

Admit it, being a student is always great. Lots of parties and fun, making new friends, tons of new experiences and a lot of opportunities, and this is just a couple of benefits of university life. But being a student in Germany can be even more wonderful as the list of the advantages goes far beyond. Apart from above mentioned perks there are some more which will make your student life truly unforgettable. Weiterlesen