Five Winter Smoothies on Student Budget

Every student goes through busy periods during their studies. During these times our days are full of hassling with papers, exams and projects. When this is the case it is common for many to neglect the vitamin intake or gravitate towards easier, to-go options which are usually full of additive sugar, packaged in plastic and way pricier than home-made versions. But there is a solution: making your own. Here are five smoothie recipes even the lazy ones can make at home. Weiterlesen

Easy Bike Rental System by VAG: Frelo

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of carsharing websites and apps. The new and more environmentally friendly option that is becoming more and more common is bike rental service apps. Considering that Freiburg is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities, it is no surprise that VAG is about to bring its own bike rental service Frelo into action starting from 17th of May. Read this post to learn more about Frelo! Weiterlesen