An Attempt to Plan Your Planner: Bullet Journaling

When we are already two months into 2018 is it too late to talk about new year’s resolutions? Let’s assume it is never too late to do something beneficial for yourself, shall we? One of my resolutions was to become more organized and actually stick to my organized self. With this goal on mind, I have bought a new agenda at the beginning of every year for some years now. However, I could only use these yearly agendas for a week – at most! Then I came across with a craze called bullet journaling. Weiterlesen

My First Flohmarkt on the Other Side of Stall

Once I saw the announcement about the forthcoming 15. Student-Flea market on Studierendenwerk Freiburg’s Facebook page, I knew I had to be there! Because come on, who doesn’t like flea markets!? Walking around the stalls with anticipation of coming across the most interesting, unusual and sometimes nostalgic things, plus for a very affordable price! What can one ask for more? Nothing, right? Well, no. You can ask for more, just keep on reading…By the way, if you haven’t realized, I am a fan of flea markets and second hand shops. Being the new owner of a previously loved item has its own charm and satisfaction (oh so many cute dresses!) Weiterlesen

International Students: What You Need to Do before You Leave Germany

The end of the semester is just around the corner (well, for some of us it is over already) and now it’s definitely time to think what to do over the long-long spring break. But for some of us the end of the semester signals that it’s time to leave beautiful Freiburg and head home. That refers to some international students, such as ERAMSUS participants (even though I’m international, too, I’m definitely staying here for another couple of semesters, hopefully). But before leaving for your motherland, make sure to have a gorgeous farewell party but also don’t forget to take care of some bureaucratic issues. Weiterlesen