Why Weingarten?

Where does the name „Weingarten“ come from? I don’t know exactly, but I think the name has something to do with wine and garden. Drinking a glass of wine or more in a garden is so cool and relaxing. A visit here can surely be fantastic and funny, but I don’t understand why this part of Freiburg has a bad reputation. Let’s go and find out together what Weingarten really looks like and what this place can offer us… Weiterlesen

Schauinsland: A Must See Before the Summer Ends

Even though Freiburg shows a different beauty of itself every season, there are still more places to see before the summer ends. Today the one I will mention is the amazing Schauinsland. First of all it is hard to believe such a place exists so close to the city. It is always cooler up there when it is too hot to go around in the city so you can go there for some mountain breeze and great panoramic scenery. Weiterlesen

The Japanese Garden at the Seepark

While Seepark itself is a delightful place in all seasons whether for a walk or a picnic, did you know that there is a Japanese Garden inside the Seepark? If you did not, well now you do! I have been there a couple of times in autumn and winter but since the weather has been so warm and pleasant I thought it was time to see the Japanese Garden in spring – hopefully all green and in full bloom. Weiterlesen