IC Highlight { Indian Night

India is not only the seventh-largest country by area; it is also the second-most populous country and the most populous democracy in the world. Therefore, it is only natural that it has a very diverse culture and a long history. With its over 120 languages and over 1300 dialects there is only a 36% chance that two Indian people meeting on the streets can communicate with each other. Of course, that percentage can change very quickly with different parameters but it shows the diversity of India as a country and lets one assume an as broad culture.

As the second most populous country, it is not a surprise that you can meet Indians all around the world. Therefore, it is also not a surprise that the Indian students are one of the most numerous student groups of foreign students in Freiburg. For years, Freiburg has a very big and well-connected Indian community.


The Fifth Season of Germany? Yes, There is One.

You may think you know about the seasons – there are four of them, right? But here in Germany it is five! Call it Karneval, Fasching or Fastnacht; yet it is upon us. It is officially carnival season. The starting date is 11th of 11th month 11:11 am on St Martin’s day and it has been that way since 19th century. However there are sources that say this has been happening since the year 354 influenced by some Pagan festivities. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong – 354! So what happens in this season and what is it about? Weiterlesen

Wo Mode auf Nachhaltigkeit trifft: Die Fair Fashion Show

Beim Gedanken an Nachhaltigkeit schießen häufig als erstes Überlegungen zu Lebensmitteln oder Recycling in den Kopf.

Doch das Thema Nachhaltigkeit lässt sich nicht nur in diesen Bereichen finden. Auch im Kontext von Mode und Fashion wird dieser Aspekt immer wichtiger. Aber kann nachhaltige Kleidung optisch und qualitativ mit konventioneller mithalten?

Um mit diesen und anderen Vorurteilen aufzuräumen, organisierte das Studierendennetzwerk sneep e.V. eine Fair Fashion Show, welche am Mittwoch, den 31. Mai in der MensaBar stattfinden wird. Im Interview mit dem sneep-Mitglied Julia, Studentin des Public and Non-Profit Management, haben wir herausgefunden, für was das Event steht.