Schnelle Falafel aus dem Backofen

Falafel sind ein absoluter Klassiker der pflanzenbasierten Küche und eine der beliebtesten Mensa-Alternativen zur Mittagszeit. Egal ob in pur, mit Hummus oder in einer vegetarischen Yufka – Falafel gehen immer! Wenn man das Haus derzeit lieber nicht verlassen möchte kann man sich mit ein paar simplen Zutaten an der selbstgemachten Variante versuchen. Normalerweise werden die Kichererbsenbällchen frittiert, aber wer die WG nicht mit Ölgeruch eindünsten möchte findet in dieser gebackenen Variante eine leckere, schnelle und gesunde Alternative.


Freiburg Celebrates its 900th Year

Hopefully, 2020 is going to be spectacular for Freiburg. The city is celebrating its 900th birthday this year. Founded in 1120 by  Konrad von Zähringen, Freiburg has had a colourful and eventful history which has made it what it is today: a dynamic spot at the meeting point of three countries. Read this post for further information on highlights and events as well as historical facts about Freiburg! Weiterlesen

Tips For a Successful Tandem Partnership

As you will hear often when learning a new language, to speak fearlessly is essential to become eventually fluent in that language. However, this can be daunting, and you might not know whom to speak to when you want to have more than small talk. So, you find a tandem partner. Great! But how do you make sure the partnership works for both parties? Here are some tips for a successful language exchange! Weiterlesen

Easy Bike Rental System by VAG: Frelo

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of carsharing websites and apps. The new and more environmentally friendly option that is becoming more and more common is bike rental service apps. Considering that Freiburg is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities, it is no surprise that VAG is about to bring its own bike rental service Frelo into action starting from 17th of May. Read this post to learn more about Frelo! Weiterlesen