Freiburg Weihnachtsmarkt: Top-5 Things to Try

So since Christmas market is something new to me because such a tradition is not so widespread in Ukraine, there’s no wonder why I’ve been spending so much time at Weihnachtsmarkt in Freiburg these days. I’m just fascinated by the variety of goods and crafts, the scents and sparkling lights. Just everything can be found there: ceramics, jewellery, decorative articles (by the way, exceptional Christmas gifts can be found there as well), tons of delicious foods and drinks. And as you probably know, Freiburg Christmas market is ranked as one of top-5 Christmas markets in Europe (here) and it is renowned for foods, so I’ve come up with my own top-5 foodies which are a must if you are at Freiburg Weihnachtsmarkt.