Ravennaschlucht Christmas Market: The Most Magical Place Ever!

If you still haven’t visited the beautiful and dreamy Revannaschlucht Christmas market, the remaining weekends of this month are your last chance to do so! The market will be open on 15,16,17th and 22,23th December. But what is so special about it and how to get there? Keep reading! Weiterlesen


Oh du Fröhliche!

Man mag es kaum glauben: In acht Tagen ist heilig Abend! Das heißt zum einen, dass das Jahr mal wieder viel zu schnell vorbei gegangen ist. Zum anderen heißt es aber auch, dass die erfolgreichste Kombination der Winterzeit, Glühwein und Weihnachtsmarkt, nicht mehr lange genossen werden kann. Doch woher kommt das Phänomen Weihnachtsmarkt eigentlich? Und war Glühweintrinken einmal illegal?

Are you SAD this winter???

Although the weather has been treating us quite well over the past couple of days (no rain and no snow, hopefully), according to the calendar from today on it’s officially winter time. This automatically means cooler temperatures, shorter daylight hours, longer nights, winter blues, SAD… The last abbreviation speaks for itself, many people indeed feel depressed during winter time. So if you get tired easily, crave for sweets, feel lack of motivation, SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, may be to blame. But if dark days are getting you down, there are things you can do to feel better again! Weiterlesen