Accommodation-hunting: What? Where? How much?

I’m always amazed by how fast time goes. My first semester in Freiburg is almost over and of course this means that exams are around the corner. But that’s not the only issue that’s pending. In my case, the end of the semester also signals that it is high time I started looking for a place to live or I will end up being shelterless. I’ve been lucky enough to get a room in Vauban dormitory for this semester but unfortunately I can’t stay here longer. And since Freiburg is a student city, housing is definitely an issue here so it can take months to find an ideal place to dwell. So what housing options are there for students? How to make house-hunting experience exciting and not frustrating? Read more to find out! Weiterlesen

Wohnungssuche Teil 2

… oder „Gott sei Dank, ich werde nicht obdachlos“ 😎

Hallo Leute!

Nach eineinhalb anstrengenden Wochen auf Wohnungssuche in Freiburg bin ich vorerst wieder zurück im hohen Norden und wie der Titel schon verrät, habe ich eine Bleibe gefunden… Hier die Kurzfassung: ErschöpfungVorfreudeGelassenheitÜberraschungEnttäuschungFrustrationPanik NervositätEuphorie. Weiterlesen